Awareness, Acceptance, Hope, Action, Transform

Understanding Self-Care and Its Impact on Mental Health

Are you ready to become aware and accept yourself as you are and take bold action to transform your life? With Valued One you will…

Learn practical ways to say no, even if it means disappointing people you love.

Learn healthy practices to challenge negative thinking patterns of shame, fear, rejection and unhealthy coping skills.

Learn how to manage your emotions while living with depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Learn how to be a caregiver for your spouse/partner with a mental illness.

Learn how to break the barriers that get in your way and gain control of your life to achieve your desired outcomes.

Lori Majors Headshot

Meet Lori Majors

Self-Care Strategist and Mental Health Coach Lori Majors shares her life transformational journey finding strength with God’s grace.

A highly successful, dynamic lifestyle leader, Lori will teach you to identify stressors and clarify challenges in your life. She will guide you to develop healthy coping strategies so that you can transform any obstacles into opportunities and enhance the quality and joy of your life.

Dear Past, Thank you for your lessons.
Dear Future, I’m READY!