Boundaries and Self Awareness Checklist

by | Mental Health, Self Care

It is important to establish good boundaries to protect yourself and develop healthy relationships. Boundaries are like invisible lines that we draw around ourselves to let people know our limits and to keep us from violating the limits of others. Some believe that we teach others how to treat us by the behavior we accept and allow. Clear boundaries help send that message.

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Complete the following:

Scoring: Highlight the statements you rated as 1 or 2. These are the most immediate needs to be addressed.

I consistently speak up about my thoughts, feelings and needs.

I set healthy boundaries on my time, resources and availability.

I am comfortable receiving compliments and gifts from others.

I consistently take care of my mental health needs.

I use alcohol and other substances in moderation or not at all.

I have no problem with compulsive behaviors, ie, gambling, eating.

I have good coping and self-soothing skills - I can manage my moods.

I have a realistic perception of my body; I accept the good and bad.

I only use food for nutrition and sustenance - no self-medication.

I have a healthy sense of interdependence, not too dependent or aloof.

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